Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour Film Makes Me Proud To Be A Fangirl

Enchanting fans everywhere, Taylor Swift took her out of this world Eras Tour to the big screen. On October 13, Taylor Swift gave fans across the world the opportunity to see her perform her biggest hits with catchy choreography, dazzling outfit changes, and magical sets shot professionally for the theater.

I had the wonderful opportunity of attending the Eras Tour back in May for Gillette Night 2 (aka “the rainiest rain show that ever rain showed” a quote from Taylor herself.) So, while this wasn’t my first time experiencing this tour, I will admit, seeing everything so close up made it feel like the first time!

It’s been a long time coming.

Opening the show with Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince, Swift takes the stage in a dazzling body suit fit to catch light at every angle. The Lover era was the perfect way to start the show off seeing as Lover Fest, Taylor’s previous tour canceled due to Covid, was anticipated by many. Throughout this era, Taylor dazzles the viewers with so many colors, lots of love, and the strength of women power.

After the red carpet premiere of the film earlier in the week, fans found out that some songs were cut from the movie that were performed live, including The Archer. The emotional ballad filled with notes of anxiety and overthinking, paired with simple choreography, was one of my favorites parts of the show when seeing it in May so it saddened me to see it cut from the movie. However, I wouldn’t go as far as to say that the era fell short without it.

Overall, Lover was the perfect way to introduce the fans to this magical experience.

Taylor Swift during the Lover era via Getty Images

I don’t know how it gets better than this.

Moving on, Taylor takes us back to high school during the Fearless era. In a shimmering gold dress, Taylor provides all the nostalgia with three of her biggest hits from the album. Hearing the theater sing along with such happiness in their voice reminded me just how classic Fearless really is. Watching Taylor dance around with her band felt like dancing around my bedroom to this album back when it was released. Title track, Fearless, had to be my favorite part of this era. The fearless spins and heart hands (iykyk) brought all of us long-time fans right back to 2008.

I was not able to see the Fearless Tour when it happened, but this little segment made up for it completely.

Taylor Swift during the Fearless era via Getty Images

Wherever you stray, I follow.

Next up, the evermore era. Taylor takes us on a journey through the forest experiencing love and heartbreak. In a flowing orange dress fit for a journey in the trees, Taylor performs some hits and many deep cuts from her underrated sister album to Folklore. Despite ‘tis the damn season and no body, no crime being cut from the movie, the era still feels very cohesive of the album. From the upbeat witchy vibes in willow to the heartbreaking scene set in tolerate it, Taylor manages to capture love in every light.

Furthermore, I’m so glad Taylor chose to include marjorie in the set list. It’s a hopeful song about grief and feeling someone around even if they’re not physically there anymore. Hearing it live is such a comforting experience. Filling the era with more ballads, I also really enjoyed watching Taylor perform champagne problems and receiving her (deserved) extended standing ovation for the fan favorite.

Taylor Swift during the evermore era via Getty Images

Baby let the games begin.

Lighting up the stage in a red and black snake wrapped one piece, Taylor reminds us all that our Reputation era is when we feel the most powerful. The choreography of this era makes Reputation one of the most eye-catching eras. Look What You Made Me Do specifically was one of my favorite performances as we got to see Rep Taylor up against all her other eras. It reminded the audience of how powerful this era was for Taylor and her fans.

Also, the snake graphic that was included in editing was such a surprise when seeing the film. It was a small detail but made me so excited for when we eventually get Reputation (Taylor’s Version). The power within this era once again proves that Reputation was one of the greatest comebacks in the music industry.

Taylor Swift during the Reputation era via Getty Images

Long live all the magic we made.

Short but magical, the Speak Now era was what fairytales are made of. Enchanting the audience in a beautiful ball gown with various shades of purple, Taylor walks out performing Enchanted. There’s not much choreography here for Taylor so her dancers really get a chance to shine as they flow through the whole song with choreography set for a fantasy ballroom.

The only thing that could’ve made this era even better was seeing Long Live also being performed, as many people who went to the earlier shows in the tour did not get to see it live. Also, that song is such a monumental part of Swiftie history for Taylor herself and her fans. Regardless however, the magic was still felt all through Enchanted.

Taylor Swift during the Speak Now era via Getty Images

Happy, free, confused, and lonely in the best way.

Next, we’re invited to a party hosted by Taylor Swift during the Red era. Filled with all biggest hits, Swifties get to have a blast celebrating all the emotions of being 22. This era is very lighthearted and definitely a good one for fans who prefer Taylor’s hits over the deep cuts (minus All Too Well). There was a community feeling in the theater watching everyone dance to these songs and scream the lyrics. Also worth mentioning, my heart melted seeing Taylor hand Bianka Bryant the 22 hat.

But of course it wouldn’t be Red without All Too Well. Gracing us with the 10 Minute Version, Taylor ends the set with the cathartic experience of hearing the national anthem of autumn live.

Taylor Swift during the Red era via Getty Images

To live for the hope of it all.

Moving onto the magic folklorian cabin, Taylor starts the set on top of the cabin with a beautiful cream colored dress made to flow and twirl. From the rapturous story of The Last Great American Dynasty to the summer heartbreak of August, the Folklore era is filled with stories. Taylor and her dancers tell these stories so well that each song feels like a movie in itself. I really enjoyed My Tears Ricochet specifically and the story of grief it tells. The way Taylor brings a different kind of magic to the stage for each song really solidifies how much she cares about her craft.

We also get to hear a little bit about the love triangle between Betty, James, and August which became a huge talking point for this album. Sadly, Cardigan was cut from the film leaving the triumvirate incomplete however the Folklore era still held up better than okay.

Taylor Swift during the folklore era via Getty Image

We never go out of style.

Next up, we’re taken back to 2014 with a pop party featuring all of 1989’s biggest hits. The theater was so loud during this era as we all watched Taylor having so much fun with her dancers shaking it off and never going out of style. I really enjoyed all of the outfits and props used during this era. When Taylor’s dancers bought out the neon bikes during Blank Space it confirmed that 1989 is for people who like to have fun.

The bright colors and lively choreography brought me right back to the 1989 era, making me more than excited for Taylor’s Version of the album! While Wildest Dreams was sadly cut, I still believe the era held its own very well.

Taylor Swift during the 1989 era via Getty Images

Make the friendship bracelets.

Just like the old days, Taylor does this portion of the show with nothing but herself and a guitar and piano. She starts off with Our Song as a tribute to all the fans who have been with her since day one when she was just a teenager. Hearing the theater full of longtime fans singing this together was such a validating moment. It really reminded me how we’ve loved Taylor through so much.

Moving on to the piano, Taylor began singing You’re On Your Own, Kid which is a very special song for swifties. Singing about her career and life, many swifties find comfort in the lyrics telling them they’re not alone and that “[they] can face this”. The whole movie theater sang the line “so make the friendship bracelets” so loud, and sitting with so many traded bracelets on my arm I couldn’t help but smile.

Taylor Swift during the acoustic portion via Getty Images

None of it was accidental.

Last, but certainly not least, the Midnights era. Taylor tells stories of love, power, insecurity, and being on the good side of karma to end the show. With so many fun costumes and choreography I can’t help but feel like this album deserves a tour in itself. She adds so much depth and context to these songs with her sets and dancers that it’s like watching music videos live.

Mastermind specifically is one of my favorite performances that got so much better on the big screen. The dancers make it so special while Taylor is the mastermind and essentially controlling what they do. There’s very strategic choreography that gives so many cool moments like when the dancers “cascaded in a line” as Taylor points to them or when we see the stage visuals become a checkerboard. In my opinion, Mastermind is extremely underrated so I’m very happy with the fact that it made the setlist.

I also really enjoyed seeing the power that was held during Vigilante Shit. The chair based choreography was so intricate that seeing it up close gave me even more respect for Taylor and her dancers.

From the lavender fur coat to the sparking bodysuit and garter, the Midnights era got the works that it very much deserved.

Taylor Swift during the Midnights era via Getty Images

Overall, The Eras Tour film was one for the books. I’d rate it a 13 out of 10 actually. I’ll never forget feeling the same amount of joy and belonging in the theater as I did in Gillette Stadium earlier in the year. Having fans dressed up and excited to get a popcorn bucket and cup to see an almost three hour film is something only a timeless artist like Taylor Swift could do.

My genuine love for Taylor has once again been solidified and I can’t wait to see all she does next. I can’t imagine it’s easy breaking records and still improving with every new thing she embarks on. It’s not something just any artist can accomplish. After all, ask her why so many fade, but she’s still here.

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