Young Royals: 5 Of The Biggest Moments From The Series Finale

After a painful week of waiting for the final episode’s release, the Young Royals journey has come to a tearful end. Lots went down in the almost 58 minute finale, but I’ve done my best to wrap it up into the 5 biggest moments that had me, personally, screaming and crying.

This article is written with the intention that the reader has completed the final season. Spoilers ahead!

The Board of Education bans Hillerska from operating

To no one’s surprise, as it was hinted at all season, the Board of Education does shut down Hillerska. I didn’t feel one or the other about this storyline overall, but seeing everyone say goodbye to one another did feel bittersweet; especially knowing it was the cast saying goodbye. The start of this event however served as a push for Felice and Wilhelm finding out who their real friends are. The girls all blame Felice for her interview while the boys gang up on Wilhelm for his speech. I found it incredibly dense how they turned on their “friends” so quickly, but what are teenagers for if not to react irrationally?

Later in the episode, it’s announced that despite the school closing, they’re still going to fight against it which is as much of a win as you could get after all the drama that ensued in that building.

Nikita Uggla, Mimmi Cyon, Nathalie Varli, and Felicia Maxime in Young Royals via Netflix

The gang throws one last party

After news of the school’s closing, Nils suggests one last big party. With mixed feelings about the party from everyone, they all end up attending anyway. The party is filled with everyone wearing white, lots of alcohol, and a dance remix of Revolution which really tugged at the heartstrings.

The part that stands out the most from this party however, is the closure Simon and Wilhelm get. Halfway through, Simon asks Wilhelm if they could just forget about everything that’s happened for the night and just be together. From that, they go outside and lay on the ground facing each other and Wilhelm begins singing It Takes A Fool To Remain Sane, aka the song Simon sang in the pilot the first time Wilhelm saw him. That’s followed by lots of tears, from the characters and myself, as they reminisce and say “I thought it would be us” furthermore feeding the heartbreak.

Reconciliation is the life of the party

At said party, Wilhelm goes to take a breather and August happens to be there. There’s a nice moment between them where August apologizes for everything that’s gone down between them and Wilhelm apologizes for August’s initiation with Erik. While the history and bad blood between Wilhelm and August has always been bigger than the both of them, it was still really nice to see roots of forgiveness being planted. There’s too much that’s happened between them that’s arguably unforgivable. But knowing that there’s still good in August, and Wilhelm can acknowledge where Erik was wrong, serves as evidence for the humility this show always brings. Later on, when Wilhelm throws away the broken snow globe Erik gave him, that part of Wilhelm’s guilt comes to a close completely.

Further into the party, August approaches Sara and kisses her only to be surprised when she tells him that their fling is over. She further explains that their relationship isn’t what she wants and that Felice, Simon, and herself mean more to her. The character development of Sara this season was very connected to the whole story, and the general theme of self advocating. Watching Sara turn August away for her own sake and realize that her friendships and family mean more to her was so special after season one and two made Sara a very unreliable character.

Lastly, Sara and Felice rekindle their friendship. They have a meaningful talk in the same spot they met in the pilot episode. Felice tells Sara that she misses her and that when Sara told her she liked her hair when they first met, it meant a lot to Felice. Sara goes on to tell Felice that the best day of her life was when she met Felice. The importance of female friendships is so incredibly important to me when it comes to tv and film. Seeing Felice realize Sara is her best friend, and that the other girls at school didn’t treat her right is so important. Sara and Felice working out their differences and sticking with each other at the end of everything felt very empowering. Too often, the media will run its entertainment at the expense of female characters, but seeing that women are human and can make mistakes then change their minds and reconcile makes all the difference.

Simon’s Song

Arguably, the most emotional sequence of the finale was Simon’s gift to Wilhelm. Omar Rudberg sings us through an emotional sequence one last time with a song about Simon and Wilhelm’s relationship. There were lots of callbacks in the song to previous moments between the two, including the beloved football field scene where Wilhelm pronounces that “all the people are fake, they’re made out of metal.” The meaning behind the song was remarkable to hear in translation and solidified what makes Wilhelm and Simon so special. Their intimate moments throughout the series continually leaves the audience with something memorable; a souvenir of their love.

Omar Rudberg and Edvin Ryding in Young Royals via Netflix

Wilhelm and Simon are endgame

This is when things got real. At graduation, Wilhelm tells Simon goodbye and to “have a nice summer” which hurts after the heartbreak of Christmas from 1×06 (iykyk). But just when it seemed like all hope was lost, Wilhelm is sitting in the car with his mother and he makes the choice to stand up for himself. Queen Kristina tells Wilhelm that he will make a great king someday and Wilhelm responds to that by saying that that’s not something he wants. Edvin Ryding proceeds to give this wonderful monologue about everything wrong with the monarchy and how he doesn’t see himself being a part of it. There’s many shots of August throughout the sequence, signaling to the viewer that Wilhelm is giving his duties over to August; just as August always wanted.

Moments later, Wilhelm is chasing Simon’s car and they have this beautiful reunion where Wilhelm tells Simon that he gave everything up for himself. We’re granted an intimate hug filled with tears as Wilhelm and Simon finally become free to be with each other, and for the right reasons.

With one final glance at the camera to break the fourth wall once again, Wilhelm finally gets the happiness he’s been seeking since the pilot. As an avid viewer of the show since it premiered in July of 2021, seeing the core 4 (Wilhelm, Simon, Felice, and Sara) riding off together into the metaphorical sunset was such a pleasing ending.

There’s so much value in seeing characters succeed and end up where they belong. After three seasons of hardships, I can’t help but praise the writers for letting these characters see the light at the end of the tunnel. Finding safety and comfort in friends and lovers is what drives us to become the best version of ourselves. To prevail in the end is the most genuine conclusion this show could have, and to witness it as an audience member made me realize that advocating for oneself has never been more important than it is in today’s world.

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